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Couple Enjoying the Ocean View

Tips for making the best impression

1. If you are on a first date one of the worst things you can do is constantly talk about yourself. You want to show all your interest and attention on your significant other. Be sure to listen to what your date has to say and to respond to his/her comments reasonably as no one likes a chatty Cathy!

2. One of the quickest ways you can make a bad impression on a first date is to constantly be on your phone. While you may have the urge to constantly look at sports scores on your phone or check social media, it may give your date the urge to climb out the bathroom window. All your attention should be on your date. Now of course emergencies happen but don't let this become a problem. Be sure to be completely engaged in the moment with your significant other.

3. Another way to spark a great impression  on a date that's past the first date, is  planning a romantic picnic. Add your dates favorite things in the basket. It can be a great way to show that you listen to what he/she likes!


!!WARNING!! Don't do this on the first date! It would be creepy that you already know these things!

4. After a first date you may have more insight on what some of your date's hobbies may be.  Planning a romantic outing related to one of those hobbies would make a very good impression. For example, if your date tells you he/she is a huge fan of artwork, then plan a date where you and your date go to an art gallery. It would come across as being very thoughtful.

5. Probably the best way to make a good impression is to always remember to be yourself on a date and to not try too hard to come off as something else. It is very obvious. Also, then you know when that person starts to fall for you, that its you, and not someone you tried to be.

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